WATCH: Gayle King Flirts With Eric Ripert

The morning after The New York Times renewed Le Bernardin‘s four-star rating, Eric Ripert made an appearance on CBS This Morning with his BFFs Gayle King and Charlie Rose. In between the recitation of Pete Wells’s plaudits from the review (“I celebrated my birthday with him, by the way,” Rose bragged), and Ripert’s easygoing humility (“I slept well last night, but I think the tequila really helped!”), Gayle King voiced the thoughts of most women 25 and older:

“Your accent is so gorgeous–”

“I have an accent?” Ripert interrupted, all accent-y, and we were all AWWWWW.

Un petit peu,” King blushed. “It’s so gorgeous.”

And of course, all gorgeous French men inevitably have angsty, tortured pasts, so King asks him about his former reputation as a “hollerer” in the kitchen.  “It’s so hard for me to think [that] about you,” she says.

Below is Eric’s response, and a defense of why he, at least, is a chef on television:

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