WATCH: It’s Shark Week, So Let Gordon Ramsay Remind You Not To Eat Sharks

Sharks! They’re everywhere this week. Swimming in the ocean! Flying in tornadoes! Eating human legs! Riding the subway! Flying in tornado-cake! Where they should not be: drowning, finless, in the ocean, while a rich Chinese oligarch eats it dorsal fin.

As a reminder that this week is All About Sharks, here’s a few clips from Gordon Ramsay’s 2011 documentary Shark Bait, where the chef and former shark-hunter discovers the ecological devastation that comes from shark finning (the practice of hunting sharks solely for their dorsal fins, while leaving the rest of the shark to slowly die in the ocean). Naturally, Gordon’s favorite animal is the shark (is anyone surprised?), and though he used to hunt sharks (and caught plenty of flak for that past-time when his former hobby was revealed), his opinion changed rapidly upon making the documentary — fishing with shark hunters and watching the piles of amputated fins grow, for instance:

Or sneaking up onto a Taipei rooftop and finding thousands of shark fins drying on racks:

The best part of the entire documentary, though, comes from the moment Ramsay realizes what shark fins taste like: absolutely nothing. (And that is the impetus for his shark finning rage.)

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