PHOTOS: Wolfgang Puck’s Emmy Food Porn From The HBO Party

Yesterday, we brought you the official menu of the 64th Annual Primetime Emmys’ Governor’s Ball dinner (which did not involve mini quiches, much to Rico Rodriguez’s mom’s dismay, we’re sure). However, in our humble opinions (shout-out to Angela Chase Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Claire Danes!), we would much rather have attended the HBO after-party catered by Wolfgang Puck. We’ll take twenty-some-odd canapes over a three-course snoozefest in a heartbeat. Plus, that’s probably where Steve Buscemi is hangin’, and we obviously want to be wherever that guy is.

(Sidenote: When did we start pronouncing it “Bussemi”?! Did, like, a memo go out to all presenters before last night’s taping that we were all pronouncing it the authentic Eye-talian way now? Ah, well. He’ll always be The Boosh in our hearts.)

Anyway, in anticipation of our extreme jealousy of those attending the HBO party, Puck generously took it upon himself to Instagram all the dishes as they went out. We’ve compiled his account of the night here, for your convenience. Bonus: there might be some Voltaggio porn nestled among the foodstuffs, if you stay committed to clicking through the whole thing. Just sayin’.


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