Anti-Trump Protestor’s Sign Invokes Drowned Immigrant Family, Twitter Mobs Misinterpret It and Try to Dox Her


Anti-Trump Protestor at DC 4th of July Invokes Immigrant Family Drowning Death

One anti-Trump protestor at Washington DC’s 4th of July celebration tried to show her opposition to the administration’s immigration policies with a mock “Caution” road sign that depicted an image of the recent, horrific drowning death of a Salvadoran father and his young daughter.

The tragic photo of the drowned man and his two year-old daughter, who were turned away from seeking asylum at the US-Mexico border and subsequently died trying to illegally cross the Rio Grande, became a national phenomenon.

The woman, whose photo was first posted on Twitter by reporter Alejandro Alvarez, from the online DC news organization WTOP, identified herself as being “Jill” from Boulder, Colorado.

In a subsequent interview by Alex Rubinstein of Mint Press News — also posted on Twitter — the woman said her yellow road sign mock-up was meant to convey her opposition to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies and the deadly toll they are taking on migrants who are risking their lives to seek asylum yet are being refused entry.

“This is so not America. American was made up of immigrants,” the woman said. “It makes me very sad, what’s going on. The children in the cages.”

Her protest statement wasn’t abundantly clear to many online, however. Stripped of context, the static image of her holding the sign while smiling, sitting comfortably in a folding chair, and wearing star-shaped sunglasses was quickly misinterpreted by some as an example of a Trump supporter mocking the immigrant deaths.

Incensed at what was perceived as a sadistic joke, some Twitters quickly began passing the photo of her around and encouraged others to dox the woman’s personal details as punishment.

Screengrab via Alejandro Alvarez, WTOP.

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