He’s ‘Renting’: Bret Baier Defends Former Congressman Who Displayed Mao Painting During Interview


Fox News host Bret Baier defended former Rep. Harold Ford (D-TN) on Thursday after viewers noticed a portrait of Mao Zedong, the late Chinese dictator, displayed behind Ford during an interview on Baier’s program.

Ford “is renting a home for a few weeks in a vacation spot — he doesn’t control the walls,” Baier wrote in a message on Twitter. “Strong background analysis, but Harold is not a Maoist — he was elected in Tennessee.”

The issue arose during a panel discussion on Baier’s program. Ford’s camera angle was adjusted before the panel ended to block the portrait from view. It wasn’t clear who orchestrated the change, though some viewers blamed Fox News.

Ford followed up in a message of his own, writing, “As [Baier] said, I’m just renting a place — didn’t choose the art — my house has Ali and MLK on the walls — no fan of Communist China or Mao — my public record and words on Fox and elsewhere about China prove that.”

Ford represented Tennessee in the House of Representatives from 1997-2007. His father previously held the seat from 1975 until Ford’s election.

Watch above via Fox News.

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