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CNN’s Gloria Borger Suggests Fauci, Others on Task Force, Sick of Answering for Trump: ‘The Doctors Are Struggling’

Members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force may be sick of appearing at press briefings with President Donald Trump, CNN’s Gloria Borger suggested on Monday.

“Donald Trump has been criticized and become a punchline, quite frankly, after his words about disinfectants and how, perhaps, he suggested [they] could be ingested,” Borger said. “Hydroxychloroquine has not panned out the way he wanted. His poll numbers have been going down. He is very well aware of that. I think there are those suggesting to him, quietly and privately, this is not the best way to get his message across. Predictably, over the weekends he tweeted, ‘I don’t need this. Who needs this? Hostile questions from the media. They’re not getting anything out to the public. I am not going to do this.’ I think the question we have is, will he be able to stay away from the spotlight? And will he give the spotlight to the people who should have the spotlight?”

“The doctors,” host Brooke Baldwin interjected.

“The doctors,” Borger affirmed. “The corollary, there, is how are they able to handle Donald Trump in all of this. … I think you saw the reaction from Dr. Tony Fauci and every other doctor in the country. I think the scientists are struggling right now, the doctors are struggling right now. Can we get our message across without having the president go on stage next to us and sort of make things up, extrapolate things he shouldn’t.”

She added, “I don’t think they want that anymore. I think lots of people who work with Donald Trump don’t want that anymore. Imagine trying to tell the president you can’t go on stage and rant. You can’t go on stage and say whatever comes in your mind.”

The White House pared back press briefings after last week’s controversy in which Trump suggested “injecting” disinfectant as a means to combating the coronavirus. The president left a Friday press conference without taking questions from the press, and reportedly canceled a briefing scheduled for Monday evening. The White House subsequently said Trump would appear to give a statement, but would not take questions.

Watch above, via CNN.

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