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CNN’s Gloria Borger: DNC Lawsuit ‘100% Stunt’ Created to ‘Raise Money’

CNN’s Gloria Borger: Trump ‘Has a Right to Be Upset’ His Putin Call Got Leaked

Gloria Borger: Rick Saccone Bringing in Trump Didn’t Help, POTUS Just ‘Talked About Himself’

Did CNN Legal Analyst (and ex-Fed Prosecutor) Michael Zeldin Treat Manafort Accusations as Fact?

Source Close to President Reportedly Brushes Off Flynn Plea Deal: ‘Everyone Lies in Washington’

Jeffrey Toobin Sounds Off Over Delay in Release of Some JFK Files: ‘I Think It’s Shameful’

CNN’s Gloria Borger Slams Trump on Health Care Comments: ‘This Isn’t Leadership’

CNN’s Gloria Borger: ‘Nobody in the Administration Is Willing to Say the President Made a Mistake’

Angry, Isolated and Gaining Weight? CNN’s Gloria Borger Reports on Trump’s Emotional State

CNN’s Dana Bash Rebuts Spicer: Warning About Flynn Sounds Like More Than a ‘Heads-Up’

‘He Did Not Expect to Win’: Gloria Borger Says Trump Ran for POTUS to Get Better Apprentice Contract

CNN Analyst: Is Ivanka Going to Be ‘Serious Enough’ About WH Role or Keep Reverting to ‘Daughter Mode’?

CNN’s Gloria Borger: ‘You Cannot Overstate What an Embarrassment’ This Is for Trump, GOP

CNN’s Gloria Borger on Russia Hearing: ‘The Worst and Most Perilous Day’ of Trump’s Presidency

‘No Apology Made’: CNN’s Borger Slams Trump for Shifting Blame on Wiretap Claim to Fox

CNN Anchor and Guests Seem Surprised That Trump Didn’t Attack Media During Speech to Military

CNN’s Gloria Borger on Trump’s Press Conference Demeanor: It’s Like He’s ‘In a Straitjacket’

CNN’s Gloria Borger: Trump Only Called On Murdoch-Owned Outlets in Joint News Conference

Gloria Borger: Trump’s Using Power of the Presidency and ‘Turning It Against an American Retailer’

CNN’s Gloria Borger: Sean Spicer Noticeably ‘Toned It Down Today’ After SNL Sketch

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