JUST IN: Trump WH Drafted Press Release Threatening To Fire Anyone Who Disagreed With False Fraud Claims


The Trump White House drafted a press release threatening to fire anyone who didn’t agree with former President Donald Trump’s false election fraud claims, which led to the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The January 6 committee released its final report this week, and has also been steadily releasing transcripts of shocking testimony. The latest batch of transcripts includes the revelation, in Pat Cipollone’s deposition, that a memo containing the threat was drafted but never released.

“Anybody that thinks there wasn’t massive fraud in 2020 election should be fired,” the release said, according to the transcript.

CNN Justice Correspondent Jessica Schneider summarized the new revelations on Friday night, including an interesting nugget about Ivanka Trump:

SCIUTTO: We have just obtained new transcripts in tonight of testimony by some of the key figures before the House January 6 Committee. It comes just on the heels of that Committee’s final report.

In crafting that report, the Committee was aiming to right history, as well as to prevent one of the worst chapters of American history from ever repeating itself.

We’re going to have more on that and the new testimony that landed tonight from CNN’s Jessica Schneider, who joins us now.

Jessica, tell us what we’re learning, particularly from these new witness transcripts?


The new released transcripts numbering more than 40 and they fill thousands of pages. They include really big names like Ivanka Trump, Hope Hicks, and former Attorney General Bill Barr.

Our team has been parsing through the pages and we have actually learned for the first time that Ivanka Trump did in fact hand over text messages to the Committee that we’re still not clear exactly about the contents of those texts.

Ivanka did tell the Committee however, that she never exchanged any texts with Trump, her father, on any device. The Committee has also uncovered a White House press release — get this — that was drafted, but never actually sent that would have called for firing anyone who disagreed with Trump’s false claims of election fraud.

So Jim, the Committee has said that these transcripts will keep coming out over the next few days through the end of this year, but really the most riveting details are contained in that 845-page report that was released last night.

Watch above via CNN.

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