Lincoln Project Co-Founder George Conway Calls for Group to Shut Down: ‘LYING HAS TO STOP’


The Lincoln Project’s George Conway said Tuesday he supported shuttering his own organization and said his colleagues need to “come clean” about their knowledge of impropriety by one of the group’s co-founders.

“An investigation is necessary,” Conway wrote on Twitter. “But it has to be thorough, and not a whitewash. And — THE LYING HAS TO STOP.”

A Monday report by The 19th alleged that Reed Galen and Steve Schmidt were aware as early as March of allegations that John Weaver had solicited young men online. The men co-founded the Lincoln Project in 2019 to work toward former President Donald Trump’s defeat.

The group said on Monday that it had released current and former employees from nondisclosure agreements to talk about their “workplace environment.” Individuals who subsequently came forward made the allegations about Galen and Schmidt. They additionally alleged that Sarah Lenti, a managing partner and former executive director for the organization, knew about the allegations by May 2020.

The alleged abuse by Weaver was not made public until January, after reports by Ryan Girdusky and Scott Stedman. Weaver resigned weeks after those reports emerged, while Schmidt stepped down on Friday.

Conway suggested in his message on Twitter that there could still be NDAs that had not been suspended.

“It’s clear now that, as early last *MARCH,* the people who were in operational control of the Lincoln Project were told of Weaver’s predations,” he added. “Enough is enough. LP needs to waive the NDAs and come clean.”

He also said he agreed with Kurt Bardella — a senior adviser to the group, who resigned last week — who wrote, “Just shut it down already … it’s over.”

“It’s a shame, and we shouldn’t forget the hard work of so many people and the positive things the organization did,” Conway replied. “But yes, I think this is right.”

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