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GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt Rips ‘Imbecile’ Trump For Trade War: ‘No Idea What He’s Doing’

MSNBC Panel Rips Ingraham For Attack on David Hogg: She’s Losing Advertisers Over ‘Casual Cruelty’

Steve Schmidt Buries Trump’s CPAC Speech in Tweetstorm: ‘Utterly Racist and Profoundly Un-American’

Steve Schmidt: We’re Seeing ‘Cruelty’ from Trump, Sanders, Conway Towards Rob Porter’s Ex-Wives

Steve Schmidt: Republicans Engaging in ‘Latter-Day McCarthyism’ With Attacks on FBI

Steve Schmidt Laughs Off Trump’s Davos Visit: Like ‘When The Brady Bunch Took Off to Hawaii’

Steve Schmidt Rips Bannon Over ‘Appalling’ Legacy: Made Common Cause With ‘Odious Elements’

Steve Schmidt Goes on a Tear Against Fox News: Like ‘Propaganda in Authoritarian Countries’

MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt Goes Off On Bannon: ‘Nihilist,’ ‘Fraud’ and ‘Vandal of Our Institutions’

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt Tear Into Sean Hannity: ‘Wrong in the Most Profound Way’

Steve Schmidt Rips Trump After Flynn Plea: ‘The Unraveling of All the Lies’

Republican Strategist Defends CNN Against Trump Attack: ‘He All But Declared Fox News to be State TV’

Steve Schmidt Unloads on Trump Effectively Backing Moore: ‘Profound Moral Rot’ in the GOP

Steve Schmidt Tees Off on ‘Terrible’ Donald Trump Jr. Over Wikileaks: ‘Despicable Beyond Words’

Nicolle Wallace: GOP Leaders Should Be ‘Willing to Lose Their Jobs to Save the Country’

Steve Schmidt Blasts Trump Over Tillerson Dustup: ‘F-ing Moron’ is ‘Highest Rank of Moron That’s Achievable’

Nicolle Wallace: GOP So Desperate to Pass ‘Weenie Tax Bill’ They Won’t Listen to Corker Warnings

Steve Schmidt: ‘It Is Harder to Buy Cough Medicine Than It Is to Buy an AK-47’

‘Despicable’: Steve Schmidt Blasts ‘Racist’ Trump for Stoking Division With NFL Feud

Steve Schmidt Rips GOP for ‘Complicit’ Silence on Trump: Dog Whistles Have Given Way to Loudspeakers

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