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New Testimony From Bill Taylor Aide Reveals Details of Overheard Call in Which Trump Pushed For Investigations

This week Bill Taylor testified that an aide of his overheard a call between President Donald Trump and Ambassador Gordon Sondland, and now that aide has testified behind closed doors with details of what he heard.

Per CNN, David Holmes testified to his “clear recollection” of statements that he heard on this call:

Holmes explained that Sondland placed the call to Trump, and he could hear Trump because the call was so loud in the restaurant where they were with two others.

“While Ambassador Sondland’s phone was not on speakerphone, I could hear the President’s voice through the earpiece of the phone. The President’s voice was very loud and recognizable, and Ambassador Sondland held the phone away from his ear for a period of time, presumably because of the loud volume,” Holmes testified.

He heard Trump asking, “So he’s gonna do the investigation?” and Sondland replying that “he’s gonna do it.”

Additionally, Holmes testified that he asked Sondland if Trump didn’t care about Ukraine. Sondland reportedly responded that Trump only cares about “big stuff” that “benefits” him, like an investigation into the Bidens.

CNN’s Manu Raju read from Holmes’ opening statement earlier tonight on the air. You can watch above.

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