Pelosi Claims Census Forms Are Being Printed Without Citizenship Question, Despite Trump Threat of Exec. Action


President Donald Trump may plan to take executive action to add the citizenship question to the census, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the deadline has passed. The forms are being printed.

When asked by reporters if Trump would be able to add the citizenship question to the census, Pelosi said he has an injunction to overcome. “We have been printing the forms. June 30th was the deadline, so we’re printing the forms, we fully expect the census to go forward,” she said.

The Trump Administration had claimed the citizenship question would help to enforce the Voting Rights Act. Opponents said it would discourage those here illegally from participating. The Supreme Court blocked the citizenship question last month saying there was “significant mismatch between the decision [Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross] made and the rationale he provided.”

Pelosi said the president’s effort to add the question to the census would continue to be challenged in court. “The Supreme Court destroyed the president’s argument that the question was needed to support the Voting Rights Act, really, including their rationale was based on a contrived pretext,” said Pelosi.

Courts generally avoid inquiring into “executive motivation” but made a narrow exception that permits the inquiry “on a strong showing of bad faith or improper behavior.”

“Next week the full House will vote on a resolution of criminal contempt for Attorney General Barr and Secretary Ross so we can force our subpoenas and get the facts. So he’ll try all kinds of things, but he’ll have to get around that injunction. In the meantime, we’re printing the forms,” said Pelosi.

According to Politico, if the Democratic-lead House finds AG William Barr or Secretary Wilbur Ross, in criminal contempt, it would be an embarrassment for the Trump Administration but there wouldn’t be any tangible consequences.



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