Trump Biographer Decries ‘Hatred’ Fueling WH Immigration Policy: Trump’s ‘Practically a Presidential Child Abuser’


On CNN, Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio decried the “hatred” and “resentment” that he said fuels President Donald Trump and how it manifests itself in a White House immigration policy that has presided over the deaths of six migrant children.

“He’s practically a presidential child abuser,” said D’Antontio, author the book The Truth About Trump. “And yet he keeps going. This hatred of his. For immigrants, for the judiciary, for members of his administration. He thinks that hate sells. And in some ways he’s right.”

Speaking to CNN Tonight‘s Don Lemon, D’Antonio attributed the overcrowding and miserable border detention conditions that immigrants and asylum seekers are suffering to Trump’s psychological need to be seen as strong and unyielding. Lemon then asked if this alleged hateful behavior by the president is genuine or an act to rally his base.

“I’m not sure she had a genuine emotion in decades,” D’Antonio said. “He’s faking it most of the time. So this method that he has of being angry is really about his brand and his brand is about hatred, his brand is about resentment and he is a bit of a snowflake. He’s always a victim. You see in him this desire to be a tough guy to be kind of mean under any circumstance. I take this back to the children who are asylum seekers. And separated from their parents. Six have died. There was a child a few days ago. He’s mean about them. He’s practically a presidential child abuser.”

“Wow,” Lemon interjected, as D’Antonio went on to trace this anger and antipathy all the way back to Trump’s first day as a presidential candidate.

“This was planned out,” D’Antonio said. “His campaign in 2015, the announcement was a hate announcement. The whole campaign was hate motivates more than love. And in some circumstances it does.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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