Trump Urges NYPD to ‘Fight Back’ Against Unruly Protesters, Promises to ‘Protect’ Cops If They Do


President Donald Trump held a mini-rally outside of his Bedminster, New Jersey golf property on Friday evening, where he encouraged the group of New York City Police Benevolent Association (NYCPBA) members in attendance to “fight back” when dealing with unruly protesters.

Trump’s started off by referring to an incident back in July when a few NYPD officers were “beaten in broad daylight” during a melee on the Brooklyn Bridge. But then he seemingly cited an incident that took place in July of last year — long before the nationwide protests sparked by the George Floyd killing by police — when two NYPD officers were drenched with buckets of water as they dispersed disorderly crowds during a heat wave. At least one suspect involved in the incident was later arrested and charged.

“You’re not allowed to fight back, you fight back, you lose your pension. You lose your life. They put you in jail, you fight back,” Trump claimed. “No, you gotta be able to fight back.”

Three years ago, when addressing a gathering of law enforcement officers on Long Island, Trump famously told them “Don’t be too nice” when arresting members of the MS-13 gang.

Speaking to the dozens of active and retired NYPD officers on Friday, Trump riffed about the water dousing incident, and added that he would have stood up for the officers if they had decided to “fight back.”

“I don’t want to embarrass anybody, but one of the saddest things, Rudy [Giuliani], I’ve ever seen…was when they were dumping water on the heads of two of your fellow officers and I wish they fought back,” Trump continued.

“I promise nothing would’ve happened to them,” he added.

“Because who even knows that was water, it could have been plenty of other things,” Trump riffed. “But it could’ve been some very dangerous material, not water.”

“And they didnt fight back, first time I’ve ever seen that. I wish they did, I wish they did. I wish I could have talked to them, I say ‘Fight back,’ I swear you will be protected,” Trump concluded.

The police officers then offered Trump a rousing round of applause.

NBC News’ White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell, who was present at the speech, noted that all attending police officers were wearing masks at the mini-rally.

Watch above, via Yahoo Finance.

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