Van Jones Praises ‘Incredible Legacy’ of African-American Women That Led to Harris VP Pick: ‘This Is Going to Be a Formidable Ticket’


CNN host Van Jones offered strong praise for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden‘s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) who he hailed as having inherited the “incredible legacy” of African-American women, adding that the finalized Democratic ticket will be “formidable.”

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta, hosting the program, began by laying out the attacks that have been lobbed at Harris by President Donald Trump.

“I thought it was notable, Van, that the president took a swipe at [Sen.] Elizabeth Warren, used the term “Pocahontas” again, which is obviously a racially offensive term, and is using that kind of racially offensive language on the same day that Joe Biden is making history in selecting an African-American woman to be on his ticket,” Acosta noted.

Jones then touted that none of Trump’s attacks have landed against Harris. “There’s some real irony there. You see the president, he’s circling her in the ring,” he said. “He’s trying out his combinations. Nothing that he said landed and nothing he said is going make a difference.”

“I’m going to say this: Ella Jo Baker is happy, up in heaven right now. [Rep.] Shirley Chisholm is happy. [Rep.] Barbara Jordan is happy. Fannie Lou Hamer. Kamala Harris inherits an incredible legacy of African-American women who have stood up for the best of this country. Who stood up to bullies and insults,” Jones said. “Who have had enough pride and self-respect to maintain their dignity and not to back down.”

The CNN host continued with strong praise for the senator now tasked with being the vice president if Biden wins come November.

“She is the last in a very long line of people who right now are rejoicing this in heaven that an African-American woman with her dignity, her poise, with her strength, her toughness, has endured this gauntlet and…will now be standing next to the next President of the United States,” Jones enthused.

“And that cannot be erased by any of this little stuff that the president is trying to do. They don’t have a way to hit her hard. You just saw,” Jones added. “Right now, they don’t have a way to hit her hard.”

“This is going to be a formidable ticket. Because you do have a reason now for people to get excited. You’ve got a reason now for people to get back out here and make some history and to try to bring this country back together,” Jones concluded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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