Biden Jumped Into Icy Nantucket Waters For 70th Birthday ‘Cold Turkey Plunge’


President Joe Biden’s Nantucket vacation is in the news this week, but you probably won’t see him do what he did for his 70th birthday: take a running plunge into the ocean on Thanksgiving.

The past week saw Texas Sen. Ted Cruz unleash a flood of limerick creation with a Twitter quip about the news that the President would be spending the holiday on the island. And Fox News’ Peter Doocy was one of several Biden critics to suggest that the vacation is unseemly.

While The White House has provided some background on the getaway, Politico’s West Wing Playbook has taken a deep dive into the longstanding Biden family tradition that takes on some of the barbs from critics.

For example, the White House announced that “the Biden family will stay at the home of their friend, David Rubenstein, as they have done previously.”

That was the cause of consternation from critics like Doocy and Politico’s Sam Stein. But West Wing Playbook notes:

Biden has tried to take precautions to prevent the perception of a conflict of interest. He’s renting the house and as New York Times reporter ZOLAN KANNO-YOUNGS tweeted, Rubenstein will not be spending Thanksgiving with the Bidens.

That might have been helpful background for the White House to provide.

The intense glare on the president’s vacation is in stark contrast to that of Biden’s previous stays on the island, and a stark illustration of the difference between being president and vice president.

In 2012, then-Vice President Biden vacationed on Nantucket for his 70th birthday, and even took the “Cold Turkey Plunge” to benefit a local library.

It would be almost unimaginable for a president to participate in such an event, and even more unthinkable that having done so, there would not have been blanket media coverage.

But as VP, the plunge merited side-bar coverage — with no video. Only a few newspaper stills made the rounds on national news, like MSNBC’s Hardball.

As luck would have it, there is video of the 2012 plunge taken by attendees, but try picking Biden out of that sea of humanity.

Watch above via MSNBC and YouTube.

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