WATCH: Black Lives Matter Protesters Tear Down Slave Trader Statue in Bristol, Toss It Into the River


As the United States continues to witness protests over the death of George Floyd, numerous demonstrations have happened abroad over the last two weeks in solidarity with the renewed call for racial justice. One climatic protest happened in the United Kingdom on Sunday when a group of Black Lives Matter protesters pulled down the statue of a 17th century slave trader.

The Guardian reports that protesters in Bristol converged around a bronze statue of Edward Colston, a merchant and former Member of Parliament who was heavily involved in the slave trade through the Royal African Company. Colston’s statue was described as a long-time focal point for protests due to his historical legacy, which draws parallels with U.S. protests against Confederate statues.

As onlookers gathered around the statue, they cheered while watching protesters tie a rope around it and eventually tear it down. Pictures and video across social media show the crowd continuing to cheer as the statue was rolled to the river Avon and thrown in.

Police have said that they will launch an investigation over the damage to the statue, and Home Secretary Priti Patel blasted the “utterly disgraceful” vandalism in a statement to Sky News.

Watch above, via The Guardian.

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