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Watch Elizabeth Warren Troll Hecklers at Rally: ‘Trump and His Supporters Are Getting Really Nervous’

Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren faced down a vocal pro-Trump heckler by quieting her crowd’s chants of “Lock him up!” and telling them that “Donald Trump and his supporters are getting really nervous, and they have a good reason to be!”

Senator Warren was disrupted several times during a rally in Carson City, Nevada Wednesday night, including a dramatic moment when a lone heckler appeared on a catwalk above the crowd and began shouting, holding a “Make America Great” sign.

As the man screamed, the crowd began to chant “Lock him up!”

Warren reacted first by telling the crowd “No no no. No no no. Let’s, no no no, no no no, no no no.”

“Look, there’s a lot we need to do and I understand, I understand that Donald Trump and his supporters are getting really nervous, and they have a good reason to be!” Warren said, to thunderous applause.

“Just saying. It’s sad. It really is,” Warren said, then turned to the man and said “I’m so sorry.”

Several other hecklers continued to shout things like “No socialism,” as Warren continued.

“We are not here just to worry about Donald Trump. We’re here to talk about a positive vision for how we build an America that works for everyone,” Warren said, adding “and I’ll be clear, when I say for everyone, I mean everyone, including Donald Trump’s supporters.”

“It’s about how we build an America that doesn’t just work for those at the top, how we build an America that’s not about turning people against people, but an America that is truly about living our values every day, she added.

Before the Carson City event, Warren was accosted by a group of Trump fans shouting slurs at her at the airport, and handled that situation with a smile, as well.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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