WATCH: Kamala Harris Tells Reporter to ‘Leave Joe Biden Alone’ and Focus on Trump


California Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris scolded a reporter for asking about President Donald Trump’s debunked attacks on Joe Biden, telling the reporter to “Leave Joe Biden alone” and focus on the conduct that has landed Trump in an impeachment inquiry.

While speaking to reporters in Los Angeles following the SEIU Unions for All forum, Senator Harris was asked “are you satisfied with the way, or do you think that Vice President Biden has done an adequate job of explaining and responding to what the president has alleged?”

“You know, leave Joe Biden alone,” Harris said, adding “That’s exactly what Donald Trump wants.”

“The fact is that he has been in cahoots with the head of a foreign government to manipulate the outcome of yet again another election for President of the United States,” Harris continued, “and the focus needs to be on him and his conduct, and all of the members of his cabinet who are aware or facilitated that, should come before Congress to testify under oath.”

Harris then told another reporter that Trump’s demand for China to investigate Biden should be part of the impeachment inquiry, and that it was an example of Trump “committing a crime even in plain view, and thinks he will not be held accountable. I think those days are over.”

Senator Harris was then asked “Do you think that Hunter Biden’s position on that Ukrainian companies board was appropriate?”, and again refused to take the bait.

“I am not going to get seduced into what Donald Trump is trying to get people to do,” Harris said, adding “The fact is that he clearly has admitted that he elicited the help of a foreign leader to interfere in our elections, and that needs to be the focus.”

“Because that is the misconduct that is apparent, there’s not only a confession, there is clearly in many ways an admission of guilt, consciousness of guilt and an attempt to cover it up. That’s what’s before us, let’s focus on that,” she concluded.

Watch the clip above, via Najee Ali.


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