WATCH: President Biden Drops in on Al Roker at Macy’s Parade and Visits Coast Guard in Nantucket for Thanksgiving


President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden made a couple of surprise appearances on Thanksgiving, as the first couple visited a Coast Guard station and called in to Al Roker at the Macy’s parade.

As America’s weatherman covered the parade in New York City, he got a surprise phone call.

“Hold on, my phone is ringing oh, my gosh. Look who’s calling! Hello Mr. President!” Roker exclaimed after showing viewers his phone.

“Hello, Al how are you doing, pal?” the president said, as Mrs. Biden chimed in “Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Dr. Biden and Mr. President, thank you so much!” Roker exclaimed. There would be a lot of exclaiming.

Roker went on to ask Biden “What’s your message to the American folks on this Thanksgiving day?”

“My message is, after two years, you’re back, America is back there’s nothing we’re unable to overcome. Al, you’re one of the reasons for that, pal. You’re always up, always rooting,” Biden said.

“We appreciate it, Mr. President. Thank you so much. I hope you’ll continue to watch the parade, Santa is coming. Santa is coming, Mr. President,” Roker said.

“I’m waiting for Santa,” Biden said.

“Listen, Happy Thanksgiving to both of you from our family to yours. Thank you, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving,” Roker said.

“Wish we were there with you, Al, nice to see you, pal,” Biden told Roker as Jill again wished him a happy Turkey Day.

“I wonder, how did he get my phone number? He’s the president of the United States I guess he can do that,” Roker joked.

A few hours later, the president and Dr. Biden visited United States Coast Guard Station Brant Point, where spoke virtually with servicemembers for Thanksgiving. The station is located on Nantucket, where the Bidens are vacationing.

According to the White House,  the president and first lady met “servicemembers from around the world to thank them for their service and wish them a happy Thanksgiving. The servicemembers meeting the President and the First Lady represent the six branches of the military (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard).”

The White House pool report described the visit:

At about 11:44 am, roughly two dozen uniformed members of the coast guard lined up outside the station. At about 11:52 am, the First Lady and the president exited the station and approached the uniformed members.

As she approached, Dr. Biden could be heard saying “hi” to the service members. The president then walked over and was heard telling the Coast Guard “happy thanksgiving.”

The president could be seen handing challenge coins to each of the uniformed members. At one point, the first lady joked that she didn’t have any coins to give as she shook hands with one sailor. Both the president and First Lady then greeted and shook the hands of each member of the coast guard lined up.

The First Lady told the coast guard members that they would be going to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Nantucket tomorrow.

As they walked away, the president stopped to answer a shouted question of what he was thankful for.

“I’m not joking when I say I’m thankful for these guys,” the president said, noting that he had seen the coast guard work across the world, including the South China Sea.

Watch above via NBC and AP.

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