‘You’re Racist’: Trump Supporters Condemn Claire McCaskill For Tweet About Ben Carson


Former senator Claire McCaskill is under fire from Trump supporters for a tweet in which she points out former GOP 2016 presidential hopeful Ben Carson is the only person standing on a flight filled with MAGA surrogates to Des Moines, Iowa on behalf of the Trump campaign.

Carson – who is a person of color – was the only person who was pictured leaning up against a seat while partially standing in the aisle.

“One of these things is not like the others. Hint: they made him squat in the aisle, so he was visible,” McCaskill tweeted out along with the photo of the plane filled with Trump supporters donning “Keep Iowa Great” hats, a play on the “Make America Great Again” caps from the 2016 Trump win.

Twitter users responded by calling out McCaskill as “racist,” while Donald Trump Jr. added that Carson “is not a thing” but rather “a world renowned, life-saving neurosurgeon.”


Late Tuesday afternoon McCaskill doubled down on her comment by tweeting, “Pretty sure pointing out a lack of diversity is not racist. Sorry Trump world.”

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