A Familiar Face Stops by Full Frontal For a Visit With Samantha Bee


In December, just months after vacating The Daily Show‘s hosting chair, Jon Stewart surprised the crowd of his comedy alma mater to appear alongside his successor Trevor Noah. When the surprised reactions and appreciation from the crowd died down that day, Stewart got to the heart of his visit: to discuss his ongoing efforts in the healthcare fight for 9/11 first responders, an effort he has continued into his era of retirement.

On Monday, the venerable TV host made another surprise visit, though admittedly this one a bit less serious than his last. Seeing as how one of his old correspondents — Samantha Bee — now has one of the best late night shows on TV, it was just a matter of time until the longtime host made a cameo. “This is your world,” Bee pleads with her old boss in the clip. “I could really just use some advice.”

The comedic conceit is that Bee is holding what would appear to be a tiny horse inside her office, prompting her to ask Stewart, “Can you take him to your massage farm?” a reference to Stewart’s efforts in partnering with Farm Sanctuary, a protection organization in New Jersey, late last year alongside his wife.

“I’m pretty sure I heard you gave up show business to go professionally massage livestock,” says Bee in the clip. And of course, not even a comedic one-off sketch can go very far without an obligatory Trump reference these days, which you can check out the above clip from TBS’s Full Frontal.

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