A Republican Committee Has Created A Campaign Against Gov. Cuomo…On Snapchat

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has not (officially) declared that he will run for president in 2020, but there is already a campaign against him.

America Rising Political Action Committee is a national Republican group that specializes in opposition research targeting prominent Democratic candidates. Their favorite Democrats to scrutinize right now is Senator Elizabeth Warren and Cuomo, despite neither of them officially announcing they are running.

The PAC’s current opposition project against Cuomo will take place Wednesday, and will happen in the most millennial way possible: On Snapchat. The group has purchased a Snapchat filter that NYC commuters can use around Penn Station that blames Cuomo for the transit problems, according to Executive Director Alex Smith. The filter supposedly uses Cuomo’s “summer of hell” catchphrase.

“While those people are waiting on the platform, waiting for trains, they’ll be able to swipe through and find who’s responsible for the mess,” Smith told NYT.

Smith said their goal is to incite division between the liberal base of Democratic activists and Mr. Cuomo. The group is very adamant about being ready in case he runs, and are already planning to film Cuomo’s public events in hopes of mistakes to put in a video montage.

Cuomo is aware of the group, and his spokesman James Allen called America Rising a “conservative fringe group whose attacks may work in the Beltway, but have been tried and failed in New York.”

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