Al Jazeera Apologizes for Tweeting Anti-Semitic Meme About Climate Change

Al Jazeera is apologizing to their Twitter followers after posting an anti-Semitic image on their English online page.

The tweet had an anti-Jewish cartoon caricature giving commentary about the U.S. decision to leave the Paris Agreement this week. Though the tweet has been deleted, it was up long enough for people to take screenshots:

Al Jazeera put out a statement on the matter, apologizing for the tweet:

Washington Free Beacon spoke with a senior producer for Al Jazeera about the incident, and they explained that the anti-semitic meme came from a tweet directed towards the outlet back in November 2016. Al Jazeera was not sure, however, how the offensive image ended up on their Twitter account.

“We are currently investigating how such an error took place and why it was tweeted with our Climate Change video,” said producer Dania Yousef. “We hope to learn more tomorrow as our online team is off for the night.”

[Image via screengrab]

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