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Alex Jones Wants to ‘Literally Beat the Hell Out of’ Piers Morgan

Conspiracist radio host Alex Jones is still peeved at Piers Morgan over his gun control activism. You may recall Morgan rather infamously battled Jones last year over Jones’ petition to get Morgan deported, all over Morgan’s gun crusade. And Jones put forth on his radio show Friday that Morgan needs to get into the ring with him and settle things.

But it wasn’t just Morgan in Jones’ crosshairs. Jones dredged up an old segment from Morgan’s show last year in which Daily Beast sports columnist Buzz Bissinger said Morgan ought to challenge Jones to a fight, then bring a gun and “pop him,” with now-MSNBC host Abby Huntsman joining in. Jones offered to fight all three of them at the same time, Morgan especially.

“You need to accept the challenge, coward. You’re washed-up, you’re out of the United States, everybody hates you… You know, Morgan, I will literally beat the hell out of you.”

Jones challenged Morgan to fight during that unforgettable CNN showdown, and repeatedly growled and ruminated yesterday over how much he would love to “beat the living hell out of him” before trying to calm himself down. He acknowledged his indulgence in “hatred porn,” but couldn’t help himself because he has an “unholy lust to defeat the enemy.”

Watch the video below:

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