American and Mexican Citizens Used to Play Volleyball Using Border Fence

usa mexico border volleyball traditionContrary to the popular beliefs of a few loud-mouthed politicians and pundits, the border between Mexico and the United States hasn’t always been a violent hellhole worthy of a Mad Max-style film treatment. In fact, it has been safe enough for a good ol’ game of volleyball at times.

Last week, Fusion and other outlets reported on the annual tradition of “Wallyball,” an altered version of volleyball in which two teams play against one another from opposite sides of the U.S.-Mexico border fence in Naco, Arizona and Naco, Mexico. Considering the fence’s height and construction, players launch the ball much higher into the air than normal, and often make use of the wall itself.

According to Flama, the game dates back to 1979, when residents from both Nacos first played the game on International Friendship Day. Yet the same report suggests that Wallyball allegedly hasn’t been played “in years,” according to a Naco Border Patrol agent.

Maybe another game of Wallyball will break out in the near future. Then again, considering all of the sh*t more than a few 2016 presidential hopefuls have been dumping on Mexico, such a scenario seems highly unlikely.

[h/t Fusion, Flama]
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