Schwarzeneger Calls Out Trump on Coal: Are You Going to Bring Back Blockbuster Too?

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new message for President Donald Trump: Don’t “go back in time” to rescue coal.

In a video uploaded to Facebook, Schwarzenegger references his Terminator persona while addressing a Trump bobblehead.

“So President Trump, I know you really want to be an action hero, right?” Schwarzenegger says in the video uploaded by ATTN.  “So take it from the Terminator, you’re only supposed to go back in time to protect future generations. But your administration attempts to go back in time to rescue the coal industry, which is actually a threat to future generations.”

He then says bringing back big coal would be like bringing back “beanie babies.”

“It is foolish to bring back laughable, outdated technology to suit your political agenda,” Schwarzenegger continues on in the video uploaded by “I mean, what are you going to bring back next? Floppy disks? Fax machines? Beanie Babies? Beepers? Or Blockbuster? Think about it. What if you tried to save Blockbuster?”

Schwarzenegger has often been an outspoken critic of Trump’s policies, speaking out recently on the border policies.

He also shared the bobblehead video on Twitter on Thursday.

Watch above, via Facebook.

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