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This Exists: Atlanta Woman Grows 24-Inch Nails In Bid To Meet Oprah

It’s no question that many people dream of meeting Oprah Winfrey and appearing on her wildly popular talk show but, usually, you need a pretty compelling personal story to do so. Like surviving a severe illness, being a celebrity with a penchant for jumping on furniture, having a house drop on your sister, or growing long, thick, curling, yellowy fingernails.

Jazz Ison Sinkfield, of Atlanta, Georgia hopes that her 24-inch-long nails will draw enough attention and interest to land her a coveted guest spot on Oprah’s show, in addition to allowing her to meet other celebrities.

Sinkfield calls her ability to grow nails a talent and a gift from the Almighty in addition to being a fashion statement – a very loud statement which sets her back some $250 every time she needs a manicure. When a local reporter interviewing Sinkfield asked her manicurist, Rose, whether she felt proud of her role in cultivating Sinkfield’s talent, Rose seemed a bit hesitant. We wonder why!

We do hope Sinkfield’s 15 minutes of fame were worth the effort and exertion – and devoid of bathroom breaks.

h/t StyleList via HuffPo

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