Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan Have Utterly Futile Twitter Spat About Guns and Big Macs


There’s nothing like kicking off a Monday with a hilarious Twitter debate.

Outspoken TV personality and gun control advocate Piers Morgan began the day by tweeting the following:

Morgan clearly found it abhorrent that some believe that in order to prevent a mass shooting in your location, you should declare the space not a gun-free zone.

Conservative writer and Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro felt differently.

Morgan then responded to Shapiro by invoking… Big Macs.

Shapiro didn’t think that was the greatest analogy. At all. In fact, he called it “the worst analogy” he has ever seen.

Nonetheless, Morgan doubled-down on his Big Macs.

Such logic was exhausting Shapiro.

It appears Shapiro had the last word. At least for now.

Who do you think won this debate?

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