Bernie: GOP Doing Exactly What Dems Did On Healthcare Is ‘Unprecedented’

Does anyone recall the lengthy, vigorous debates on the healthcare bill, that would come to be known of Obamacare, being broadcast on C-SPAN as President Obama had promised the American people?

Didn’t Nancy Pelosi all but assure us that the bill was snuck through behind closed doors in the middle of the night when she basically admitted that no one had actually read it?

And didn’t the “Affordable Care Act” pass with absolutely zero support from any Republicans in Congress?

Now, the socialist Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, is crying foul and alleging that the GOP healthcare overhaul is being written and discussed entirely behind closed doors without any input from the democrats.

Speaking on MSNBC Monday night, Mr. Sanders said, “In the midst of all of this, you have a process by which right now perhaps a dozen Republicans are the only people in America who know what is being talked about, what the new bill might look like,” Sanders said. “Most Republicans don’t even know it, let alone anybody in the Democratic Caucus.”

Bernie Sanders described a situation that almost mirrored the way democrats passed the ACA back in 2010, then actually proceeded to call the process ‘unprecedented’.

“We’re talking about, in terms of healthcare, one sixth of the American economy – trillions of dollars,” Sanders added. “We’re talking about an issue that impacts virtually every single American in our country.”

Sanders joined fellow democrats on the floor of the Senate Monday night to protest the GOP’s closed-door effort as Republicans are expected to force a vote on legislation as soon as next week, according the The Hill.

Bernie and his colleagues may have a legitimate beef. Legislators should probably know what they are voting on before they vote. But they probably should have thought about that seven years ago.

In his mission to see that every American gets the equally horrific government provided healthcare as we see at the VA, Sanders vowed, ‘I will do everything humanly and legally possible to make sure this horrendous piece of legislation…never sees the light of day.’

Thanks comrade.

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