Biden Apologizes to Yet Another Country over ISIS Remarks

For the second time in two days, Vice President Joe Biden had to apologize to another country after complaints that he had supposedly alleged something false about their nation and ISIS. First Biden had to apologize to the president of Turkey after claiming in a speech that he had admitted fault in letting ISIS fighters cross through Turkey into Syria.

And now Biden’s apologized to the United Arab Emirates for comments from the same speech.

The vice president had said that the UAE (as well as Syria) had been providing lots of money and weapons to anti-Assad groups in Syria. And the UAE requested a “formal clarification” from Biden.

And so, of course, Biden spoke with the crown prince of Abu Dhabi to apologize, explaining that those comments “regarding the early stages of the conflict in Syria were not meant to imply that the UAE had facilitated or supported IS, al-Qaeda or other extremist groups in Syria.”

[image via Jason and Bonnie Grower/Shutterstock]

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