Black Conservatives Offer $25K Reward for Proof Shaun King Is Black

Shaun KingIt’s come to this. A black conservative organization is offering to donate $25,000 to #BlackLivesMatter causes if anyone who can prove DailyKos blogger Shaun King‘s father was actually black.

“Black lives do in fact matter, which is why a leading conservative African American organization,, is offering $25,000 to Black Lives Matter causes if an activist under controversy can authenticate his claim, that he is in fact, black,” the organization said in a press release.

“Shaun King has bullied other blacks—conservatives blacks—who don’t share 100% of his political views. I get it. That’s the ugly side of politics,” said Fund advisor Ali Akbar. “But to steal the identity of a people who are crying out for reform—that’s just fraud.”

Among the ways they suggest that King could prove his heritage is to “produce his alleged African American father or cooperate with a DNA test.”

The offer comes after conservative blogs produced a birth certificate showing that the man listed as King’s father was a white man, and after a family member told CNN that King does indeed have two white parents.

[h/t Daily Caller]

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