Bowe Bergdahl Is Returning to Active Duty

Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is set to return to active duty, most likely to a desk job in Fort Sam Houston. Bergdahl will have free reign to leave base without an escort, though winding up in as much trouble in San Antonio as he did when he disappeared from his base in Afghanistan will require a hefty helping of Lone Star.

The assignment will be concurrent with the beginning of the Army’s investigation into that disappearance. Bergdahl will be questioned for the first time by military officers over the circumstances of his 2009 capture by the Taliban, which resulted in an unpopular prisoner swap two months ago. The Army has already determined Bergdahl engaged in no misconduct during his capture.

The Army will not be handling media requests for Bergdahl, though there was no indication as to whether Bergdahl was under instructions not to engage with the media himself. The Army also declined to say whether Bergdahl had been in touch with his parents.

[h/t NBC News]

[Image via screengrab]

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