Breitbart Mocked After Failed Attempt to Discredit WaPo’s Roy Moore Bombshell: ‘It’s Called Journalism’


Steve Bannon’s attempt to discredit Roy Moore’s accusers by sending Breitbart News reporters to Alabama is not going well, as they seemingly do not know how journalism works.

The far-right site published two pieces today attacking the Washington Post‘s report — in which numerous women came forward to accuse the GOP senate candidate of pursuing sexual relations with teenagers — suggesting the newspaper coerced the accusers to come forward and intentionally left out a “key detail.”

However, the Post stated in their piece that the accusers were sought-out by the publication and convinced to go on-the-record, as they were not seeking attention. While this seems to strengthen the paper’s reporting, Breitbart writer Aaron Klein somehow viewed this information as a case of possible journalism malpractice.

As for that “key detail,” Moore accuser Leigh Corfman claimed she had used a telephone in her room to talk to the candidate as a 14-year-old. During this conversation, Moore is said to have asked her on a date, but the accuser’s mother claims Corfman did not have a telephone in her room — which is what Breitbart reported as a noteworthy, left-out detail.

Ultimately, this attempt to discredit the report falls short too, as Corfman made the phone call using a landline with an extension-chord.

So, despite Breitbart’s best attempts at smearing the Post, the right-wing site was only able to further confirm the paper’s article. This earned them a heap of Twitter-mockery, as it seems the reporters are just now figuring out how reporting works:

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