Bret Baier Calls Out Dems For Not Condemning Antifa: ‘Sounds a Lot Like “Both Sides” To Me’

In a column published Tuesday morning, our Larry O’Connor questioned why Antifa hasn’t been condemned by more Democrats:

So why is this group, whose political ties clearly lean in synchronicity with the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren-wing of the Democratic Party, not being condemned by Democrats for their thuggery and violence? And, more importantly, why isn’t the media demanding Democrats do so in the same way they demanded Republicans condemn neo-Nazis and White Nationalists?

The column caught the attention of Bret Baier — who read excerpts on the air Wednesday night. And the Special Report anchor seemed to voice his agreement by calling out Democrats — other than House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — for not coming out against the group.

“She’s really the only Democrat speaking out that we could find,” Baier said.

And even Pelosi’s initial comments fell way short of the mark for Baier. (Though she later called out the group more forcefully.)

“That statement by Pelosi — people have a right to express themselves and other people have a right to respond to it,” Baier said. “Sounds a lot like ‘both sides’ to me.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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