Brian Stelter: ‘Fair to Ask About’ Trump’s Fitness After He Invoked ‘Size of His Nuclear Button’


Last week, following President Donald Trump’s tweet in which he warned North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un that his nuclear button was bigger than the reclusive leader’s, CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter said that we’d all ask if Trump was “well” if he were the leader of another country.

At the top of this morning’s broadcast of Reliable Sources, Stelter once again referenced the president’s bombastic tweet during a monologue on the possibility that Trump may not be fit for office. Highlighting that the president’s mental fitness has been the top story the past few days, Stelter noted that it isn’t all due to Michael Wolff’s explosive new Trump tell-all.

“When a President of the United States threatens North Korea by invoking the size of his nuclear button, it is fair to ask about his fitness,” Stelter said. “If a leader of another country were to do the same thing, I think many commentators, many reporters will conclude that he is not well.”

He added, “This past year has been full of reasons to question his fitness. President Trump promotes conspiracy theories. He shares racists videos on social media. He live-tweets Fox News shows that mislead him while he derives real reporting as fake news. He calls for the prosecution of political opponents. He insults people for fun. He says so many flat-out false things that journalists can barely keep up.”

Stelter concluded that what this moment needed was “more reporting” from journalists and “not more speculating or guessing or rumor-mongering.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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