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Brian Williams Allegedly Considered Using ‘Brain Tumor’ as Excuse

Over at Vanity Fair, Bryan Burroughs has a thorough distillation of the coming difficult choices NBC News chief Andy Lack has to make with regards to serial exaggerator (and star news anchor) Brian Williams.

It’s well worth the read for its insider information, but here’s one that’s especially noteworthy: Williams allegedly considered using a brain tumor as an excuse for his repeated embellishment of his experiences reporting from war and disaster zones:

“You cannot bring him back without addressing what he did, and without him acknowledging the mistakes and apologizing for them,” says one longtime associate. “I would think you’d have to do some kind of sit-down interview, with someone. The network has to be transparent if it is to maintain some creditability on this. There are things hanging out there, all these allegations, and they have to be addressed. I have trouble envisioning Brian doing that. You can’t just say, ‘I may have had a brain tumor,’” (a possibility Williams is said to have entertained when the scandal first broke).

So Williams contemplated lying about a serious ailment to excuse his other serious lies? Oy.

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