Charlie Sheen Unveils Crazy ‘Winning Recipes’ Funny Or Die Cooking Show

Charlie Sheen does not plan on going away anytime soon as he reveals in this hilarious Funny or Die video that “my plan is to be the first person to have made an appearance on every television network.” With this anything goes cooking show, Sheen proves he is very willing to make fun of absolutely everything about himself, even joking “this won’t be a kosher meal, not because I’m anti-semitic, but because my Tiger Blood needs meat.”

Complete with tiger sound effects, teleporting between his multiple kitchens, and random other weirdness, his “Winning Recipes” cooking show seems to add credibility to the theory that Sheen is much more in control of his life than many may have suspected. Sheen promises “if you eat like me, you can be like me.” Regardless of how tempting that offer might be, it would still be fun to scream in your kitchen, “this is not a spatula, it’s a cooking tool for a warlock!”

Watch the clip below from Funny or Die:

Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes from Charlie Sheen

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