Check Out Some of the Weird Foods You Can Make From Tom Brady’s $200 Cookbook

Tom Brady is a polarizing character. With the never-ending Deflategate controversy, his contentious Donald Trump friendship, and his unfortunate reputation among his fellow pro football players, he has a lot on his plate. Oh, and he has a cookbook. So, yeah, like I said, he has a lot on his plate.

That cookbook “living document containing information about [their] core TB12 nutritional philosophies and featuring a library of 89 seasonally-inspired recipes” will cost you $200, by the way. It’s being sold through Brady’s own fitness company, TB12, according to CBS Boston. The price might have something to do with the “natural maple” cover that is etched with the TB12 logo.

Last year, Brady made headlines for claiming to eat “avocado ice cream” as a treat, so TB12 capitalized on the public’s fascination with whatever avocado ice cream is by including it in the book, which also features a unique binding that will allow for new recipes to be inserted as the company releases them. He also claimed to go to sleep every night at 8:30, so buy this book if that sounds like your ideal level of health.

There is also a recipe for sweet potato gnocchi with escarole, but we won’t know any of the other ones until we get ahold of the book itself, which won’t be possible, since it’s sold out. If you pre-order now, you could have yours by June. If you’re thinking of buying it, remember that Brady doesn’t eat sugar, flour, nightshades of any kind, caffeine, dairy, fruit… The man doesn’t really eat anything but avocado ice cream, so just get ready for that.

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