Chris Wallace to Stephen Miller: Why Is Trump Lobbing ‘Personal Attacks’ Against Potential Allies?

Chris Wallace ended his interview with White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller this morning by asking him about the “personal attacks” President Trump has recently engaged in.

He brought up the “so-called judge” remark, the president trashing the circuit court that ruled to uphold the block on his travel ban, his personal swipe at a senator on a matter unrelated to the discussion, and Trump’s tweets slamming John McCain for disputing the idea that the Yemen raid was a success.

Wallace told Miller he understands the argument that they won’t be a punching bag, but asked, “Does this kind of personal attack help the president in building the kind of coalitions he’s going to need for the bold agenda that all of you want?”

Miller talked about Trump as the champion of the working people of America, telling Wallace the president will “never apologize for looking out for their interest.”

Wallace asked, “Does he need to insult John McCain in the process?”

Miller said, “He needs to protect the integrity, and protect the honor and decency, of our armed services.” He took offense at McCain or anyone else not calling the Yemen raid a success because, as Sean Spicer said last week, it would be an insult to the life of the Navy SEAL––Ryan Owens––who was killed in the raid.

Watch above, via Fox.

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