Chuck Todd Backs Trump For Calling MS-13 Gang Members Animals: ‘I Don’t Care Where They’re From’

President Donald Trump got an unlikely ally in his latest battle with the media over his comments labeling MS-13 gang members as “animals.”

Appearing on the Bernie & Sid Show on WABC Radio in New York on Friday, NBC’s Chuck Todd — whom the president has dismissively referred to as “Sleepy Eyed Chuck” — said that he’s in agreement with Trump over his use of the term “animals.”

“A lot of people have called violent anybody animals,” Todd said. “Anybody who is a violent criminal in my book can get called an animal. They’re mulling, killing, and raping people. I don’t care where they are from.”

The Meet the Press host added that he believed the brouhaha over the remarks — comments which a number of outlets misrepresented in their initial reporting — could potentially play into the hands of Trump, and damage the media’s credibility.

“This is where I think that my colleagues do us all harm,” Todd said. “You know, cover this legitimately. There is plenty of legitimate stuff to ding him on, if you think he deserves to be dinged on. Just be careful, don’t be sloppy about it.”

Listen above, via WABC radio.

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