Civil Rights Activists: Danièle Watts ‘Cried Wolf,’ Should Apologize to LAPD

Civil rights advocates are reversing course on the LAPD’s detainment of Danièle Watts, now calling on the Django Unchained actress to apologize to the LAPD.

The story started when Watts and her boyfriend posted to Facebook that they had been detained by the LAPD after officers mistook the pair for a prostitute and john. The plot thickened when TMZ obtained audiotape of Watts refusing to hand over her identification and sparring with officers, along with photos in which Watts appeared to be straddling her boyfriend in the passenger seat of a car with the door open.

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Those who originally defended Watts now think she owes the LAPD an apology. Scholar Earl Ofari Hutchinson and others said in a press conference Friday that the photos indicate that the LAPD had probably cause to detain Watts.

“I was one that was very outspoken about it,” Hutchinson said. “We take racial profiling very seriously. It’s not a play thing. It’s not trivial.”

“It’s like crying wolf,” he added. “After awhile, it has no meaning.”

Watts filed a complaint with the LAPD, which the department is investigating; meanwhile, the department maintained the possibility of eventually arresting Watts for a lewd act.

Watch a clip below, via NBC News-LA:

[h/t Hollywood Reporter]

[Image via screengrab]

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