CNN Michael Brown Panel Descends Into Chaos: ‘Continue Your White Supremacy’


The set of New Day descended into a shouting match Monday as host Chris Cuomo attempted to discuss new surveillance footage, reportedly showing Michael Brown in the moments before he was killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

The new footage was included in the new documentary Stranger Fruit. Cuomo invited the filmmaker Jason Pollock on the show to discuss the video with regular guests, Morehouse College Professor, Marc Lamont Hill and former NYPD detective Harry Houck.

According to Pollock, the video challenges the police account that Brown robbed the Ferguson Market and Liquor before being shot and suggests that Brown was actually taking part in a pre-negotiated drug deal with an employee of the store.

“It still shows him as a drug dealer anyway if this is true,” said Houck. “It’s a drug deal Chris, it’s a drug deal.”

“That doesn’t make him a drug dealer,” Cuomo chided.

Things became very heated very quickly after Houck turned his attention to Pollock. “How do you know the second video is involved in the robbery,” he said, ” You don’t know anything about evidence.”

In increasingly angry tones, Pollock dismissed Houck as looking for excuses to defend the police. “This reminds me of the inauguration, when people looked at an empty field and and Donald Trump said ‘Oh it’s the biggest field in the world.'”

“You’re nothing but anti-cop, sir,” Houck retorted, adding that he had trawled through the filmmakers Twitter feed.

“[Brown] is innocent,” screamed Pollock. “Continue your white supremacy. You look ridiculous.”

“We don’t need any insults on this show,” said Cuomo who attempted (largely unsuccessfully) to rein in his guests for the remainder of the segment.

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