Steve King Stuns Cuomo With Talk of ‘Intermarriage,’ Being a ‘Champion of Western Civilization,’ and More

This morning, Chris Cuomo interviewed Representative Steve King on New Day to give the Iowa lawmaker a chance to clarify his comments from yesterday about how “we can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

The representative didn’t exactly walk those comments back. Instead, he insisted he “meant exactly what [he] said,” then talked about “promoting the birth rate in America,” being a “champion of Western civilization,” his annoyance over lack of “assimilation” from immigrants living in “enclaves,” and… Just read on and watch above. There’s a lot.

“It seemed like … you were trying to say ‘someone else’s babies’ means ‘you’re either white or you’re not right,’ and as you know, that’s anathema to what America is all about,” Cuomo said. “Can we get agreement on that?”

“Well…I want to…well, actually,” started King, “if you go down the road a few generations or maybe centuries with the intermarriage, I’d like to see an America that’s just so homogenous that we look a lot the same.”

While Cuomo looked stunned, King complained that when he tried to give a speech on that idea the other day half the liberals left the room.

That “well, actually” wasn’t the controversial pol’s only hesitation through the interview, either. King repeatedly paused before answering, leading to frustration on his interviewer’s part. He even stalled when Cuomo asked him directly if he considered Jewish Americans, Muslim Americans, Italian Americans, etc., to all be equal.

Eventually, King conceded that though he believes certain groups are more “productive,” they’re all equal in God’s eyes.

Watch above.

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