CNN’s Erin Burnett Hammers Sarah Sanders for Not Knowing How to Answer ‘Simple and Important Questions’


White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders went for the bob-and weave-routine in the press room this afternoon to some difficult questions about payments to his lawyer Michael Cohen.

Then, speaking on CNN later that day, Erin Burnett did not let her inability to answer simple questions go unnoticed.

After reports emerged that Trump lawyer Cohen positioned himself as a fixer in the Trump administration, making deals with the likes of AT&T, Columbus Nova, and Novartis, during Wednesday’s briefing the press corps dogged Sanders with questions about the details of how this may have affected the administration’s decisions. (Particularly strong on this line of questioning was CNN’s Jim Acosta, who rhetorically asked Sanders whether America has “the right to get some answers” about legal proceedings which involve the president.)

Sanders’ move was to refer the press to outside counsel and to say that she has not been made aware of the potential consequences of these matters, about which Burnett raised an eyebrow.

“If she doesn’t know the answer to these simple and important questions, surely at least she would know if the president is comfortable with his personal attorney trying to profit from his ties to him for engaging in a pay to play scheme,” she said during her intro. “Is the president okay with that?”

She also pointed out that Sanders’ silence was notable because when the Hillary Clinton accusations were flying, President Donald Trump was more than willing to speak up.

“When it’s others like Hillary Clinton accused of pay-to-play, the president was more than happy to express his concerns,” Burnett quipped.

Watch above, via CNN.

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