Jim Acosta Confronts Sarah Sanders on Cohen: Don’t We Have ‘The Right to Get Some Answers?’


On Wednesday, CNN’s Jim Acosta grilled White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on President Donald Trump’s view of torture and her inability to answer questions about Trump’s “legal troubles.”

Acosta began by asking if the President still believes “torture works.”

Sanders said she hadn’t spoken to Trump recently about that.

Acosta continued on.

“Could you possibly work on an arrangement where perhaps Mr. [Rudy] Giuliani or somebody who could speak on behalf of the president from a legal standpoint could they come into the briefing room and answer these questions so we’re not on a daily basis trying in vain to ask you about all of these legal troubles facing the president,” the White House correspondent pressed. “Could you do that for us?

Sanders said Giuliani was not an employee of the White House and noted he’s done “a number” of interviews.

Acosta pressed further.

“Sarah, don’t you think the public has the right to get some answers about these questions, if there are payments coming from Russian connected entities or Russian individuals connected to the Kremlin through a shell company that is controlled by Mr. [Michael] Cohen to pay off whoever…doesn’t the American people have a right to have some information about that?” Acosta asked.

Sanders then responded by saying that there are “appropriate venues” for such things. “I’ve encouraged you to reach out to them.”

Watch the tense exchange above, via CNN.

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