Colbert Accuses Trump of ‘Obstruction of Justice’ Over Mueller Tweets: ‘Public Urination is Still Urination!’


On Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert blasted President Donald Trump over his “tweetnado” that took aim at the ongoing Mueller probe.

Colbert began by mocking Trump’s “smocking gun” tweet that was promptly deleted.

“‘Yes, we have found the smocking gun,” Colbert impersonated the president. “It was not the Trump champagne that was collaging with Russia, Crocket Hillary is the one guilty of that contusion.'”

The Late Show host then called his tweet urging Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “stop” the Russia investigation the “worst” one.

“Donald Trump is telling his attorney general to shut down the investigation of Donald Trump!” Colbert reacted. “Rudy [Giuliani] should tell him that just because he’s doing it in public doesn’t mean it isn’t obstruction of justice. Public urination is still urination!”

Colbert also mocked Trump’s tweet comparing Paul Manafort to Al Capone, or as Trump referred to him as “Alfonse Capone.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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