Conan O’Brien And Ricky Gervais Take On WikiLeaks With “RickyLeaks”

While the WikiLeaks saga brings about it a lengthy debate about the thin line between transparency and ruining the privacy necessary to run a government, it’s also a comedy gold mine. I mean, how often are public figures routinely described as “James Bond villain-esque.” (God, probably not since that week Dick Cheney got a pet cat he kept on his lap. Or that week he changed his last name to “Galore.”) Anyway, while SNL went about butchering a fright wig just enough for it to look properly Assange-like, Conan O’Brien went the goofier route, bringing back Ricky Gervais to reveal some new deep, dark, classified secrets…all about Conan!

The segment involves Gervais (who was probably the best part of Conan’s first episode) hosting “RickyLeaks” in which he rattles off facts like how you should never wake Conan up while he’s sleeping because it might send him into a Vietnam flashback which will inevitably lead to him dancing on a table saying, “Five dollar! Five dollar!” Good to know.

(via Splitsider)

Check out the clip from TBS below:

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