Curt Schilling to Hall of Fame Voters: If You’re Keeping Me Out For Political Reasons ‘Kiss My Butt’


Baseball’s annual Hall of Fame class was announced Tuesday night. And former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling fell short of the necessary 75 percent vote total required for induction into Cooperstown. The retired Red Sox ace garnered 45 percent of the vote, down from 52.3 in 2016.

In an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday, host Dan Patrick asked the outspoken conservative Schilling why he thought his vote total fell this year.

“We all know why,” Schilling said. “Because I’m not — I’m not quiet. I think if I didn’t talk, I might have gotten in this time.

“But you know me,” Schilling told Patrick. “And you know that’s not who I am.”

Schilling, who hosts a morning show on Breitbart called Whatever It Takes, referenced his tweet in which he shared a photo calling for journalists to be lynched (along with Schilling’s words “Ok, so much awesome here.”) as something that gave an excuse to those who didn’t want to vote for him.

But Schilling said he didn’t regret that Tweet. Nor does he regret speaking out on social media, his Breitbart show, or any other platform.

“Listen, if that sacrifices the Hall of Fame, I don’t want to be in anyway,” Schilling said.

He also referenced the “character clause,” which says that hall voters should consider the “integrity, character, and sportsmanship” of a player — and accused the voters of selectively invoking it.

If the writers that vote for the Hall of Fame are going to invoke, quote-unquote, the character clause, and they’re gonna randomly invoke it, then you know what, so be it. It wasn’t meant to be…If you want to invoke the character clause and vote for (players linked to performance enhancing drugs like) Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens, kiss my butt.

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