Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann Turn Male Interviewer Into a Sex Object


In Hollywood, there is a long-standing tradition of asking actresses and female entertainers all sorts of sexist questions during interviews. Sometimes, these women shut the question down in the moment or they speak about it later, but often, they just blandly respond to the inane inquiry into their diet and what brand of clothing they’re wearing. Today, Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson quietly turned the tables on this predictable routine.

During an interview with Chris Van Vliet of Miami’s WSVN, the stars of the upcoming movie How to be Single flirted shamelessly for a full three minutes. First, they complimented Van Vliet’s socks. Then, after learning he was single, they tried to set him up with off-screen colleagues. Finally, they got him to unbutton his shirt and discuss his workouts.

Van Vliet seemed to enjoy the attention, which comes as no surprise, given he was Cosmo‘s 2011 Bachelor of the Year. Interestingly, during his reign, he deemed women who use the f-word “skanky” and women who don’t wear underwear “sexy.” Okay. Noted, I guess.

Perhaps the best part comes at 1:24, when both women smirk and make a motion signaling Van Vliet to continue opening his shirt. They look like they are genuinely enjoying themselves.

The stunt was funny and may very well not have been intended as any sort of statement against the types of sexist interviews mentioned above, but it will probably be remembered as one, if only because their behavior was so far from the norm laid out by other promotional tours.

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